Kona Precipitation Chemistry


Precipitation chemistry data for all sampling trips in Kona, West Hawaiʻi. Data collected between August 2017 and November 2019 over twenty sites between central and west Hawaiʻi Island. The data include pH, precipitation (mm), fluoride (uM), chloride (uM), bromide (uM), sulfate (uM), sodium (uM), ammonium (uM), potassium (uM), magnesium (uM), calcium (uM), d18O (pmil) and dD (pmil). Each sampling trip is arranged by site elevation. Latitude and Longitude are reported in decimal degrees to the second decimal place (~1 km resolution). Ions and isotopes are reported to the first decimal place. Blank cells for ions represent non-detect, double dashed lines (–) represent samples that were not analyzed.